Are there squirrel in New Zealand?

No, there are no squirrels in New Zealand as they are not native to the country. However, New Zealand is home to other small animals that may share similar characteristics to squirrels. Some of these animals include: Guinea Pigs: Also … Read More

Is buddleia poisonous?

Buddleia, commonly known as butterfly bush, is a beautiful plant that produces long, cone-shaped flowers that attract a wide variety of butterflies and bees. One question that often arises with this plant is whether or not it is poisonous. Fortunately, … Read More

What manure is best for citrus trees?

When it comes to choosing the best manure for citrus trees, poultry manure is an excellent choice. But not all poultry manure products are created equal. One effective and nutrient-rich option to consider is Katek’s Citrus and Fruit Fertiliser. Here … Read More

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