What is eating my laurels?

If you’re wondering what is eating your laurels, there are a few common pests and diseases that could be causing damage to your hedge. Here are some potential culprits to look out for: Vine weevils: These pests are known for … Read More

Which is better cowhide or buffalo leather?

When it comes to choosing between cowhide or buffalo leather, there are a few factors to consider. While both are high-quality materials, buffalo leather does have some advantages over cowhide. Thickness: Buffalo hides are significantly thicker than cowhide, often 2 … Read More

What is considered a porch?

What makes a porch a porch? According to Sylvia James, interior designer at Home How, simply having a covered front door is not enough. While definitions can vary, a porch is generally considered to be an enclosed outdoor space that … Read More

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