How do I Remove Thompson’s Water Seal from Wood?

Last updated on October 2nd, 2022 at 01:13 pm

As a homeowner, you may have come across Thompson’s Water Seal and applied it to a wood surface around your house only to find that you would like to remove it somewhere down the line.

You can remove Thompson’s Water Seal through a variety of techniques, but the simplest is probably to use Earth Smart Solutions’ ESHC Hydrocarbon Cleaner and Degreaser. You also have the option to scrape or sand down the wood to remove it.

Continue reading if you are keen to learn more on how you can remove Thompson’s Water Seal from wood in your home, as well as the various techniques for doing so.

Removing Thompson’s Water Seal

What is Thompson’s Water Seal?

For those who are unfamiliar, Thompson’s Water Seal is a product which seals wood and other surfaces in order to keep moisture out. 

It can be used on a variety of different surfaces such as concrete and brick, but wood tends to be the most common. This water-based product gets deep into the dry substrates of the surface and keeps moisture out, protecting the surface from rain damage as well as freeze thaw.

This waterproofer is something that many homeowners may attempt to apply to their wood surfaces, be it a deck, a fence, or another structure, only to find that they would like to remove it later on.

One of the things that Thompson’s Water Seal is notorious for is the fact that it is quite difficult to remove if it has been applied incorrectly. For whatever reason, the solution has become sticky and very difficult to remove.

We will not go over the steps that you can take in order to get Thompson’s Water Seal off of your wood.

Using ESHC Hydrocarbon Cleaner and Degreaser to Remove Thompson’s Water Seal

We will begin with the easiest solution for removal. Although you will need to spend a bit of money this way, it is by far the most effective way to remove Thompson’s Water Seal from your wood.

You will want to purchase a degreaser known as ESHC Hydrocarbon Cleaner and Degreaser, sold by Earth Smart Solutions. This wonderful product is totally biodegradable, natural, and eco-friendly, meaning that you won’t have to worry about your garden or pets when using this product to remove the Water Seal.

The way that this product works is that it breaks down the Thompson’s Water Seal that is on the wood via its special formulation, releasing the sticky solution and allowing you to wipe and then rinse the wood clean.

ESHC Hydrocarbon Cleaner and Degreaser does not contain any acids, meaning that plants and animals will not be harmed in any way when you apply it. Simply brush the product onto the wood surface that has Thompson’s Water Seal on it and then wait for 20 minutes while it does its thing.

After this, you can scrub down the surface and then spray it with a strong spray of water from your hose or pressure washer. That’s really all that you need to do to get rid of Thompson’s Water Seal on wood!

What makes this solution even better is the fact that ESHC Hydrocarbon Cleaner and Degreaser does not affect the PH balance of the wood in any way, meaning that you can immediately apply a new coat of whatever product you desire after cleaning the wood with ESHC Hydrocarbon Cleaner and Degreaser.

Being non-toxic, fast drying, non-flammable and combustible, non-corrosive, and totally environmentally safe makes this a perfect choice for removing Thompson’s Water Seal. It will save you time and effort and get the job done much better than any other option.

Sanding and Scraping off Thompson’s Water Seal

If you would rather not try the ESHC Hydrocarbon Cleaner and Degreaser product to remove Thompson’s Water Seal with ease, you can instead opt to try to sand out the wood.

Doing this, you will need to use sandpaper that is 60-grit, and use a vibrating flat plate sander for the very best results.

Simply take the sander and sand down the surface of the wood until the Thompson’s Water Seal is totally removed.

This method may take a bit more time than purchasing a solution to remove Thompson’s Water Seal, but it may end up saving you some money in the long run if the surface you need to remove the water seal from is very small.

Just make sure to totally sand out any remaining Water Seal before you attempt to apply a new coat of new sealant or stain.


Now that you have a few ideas on how you can remove Thompson’s Water Seal from wood you can get out there and get it right out.

While the easier option is probably to purchase ESHC and remove the Water Seal in as little as half an hour, you may also opt to sand out the Water Seal manually. Whichever way you choose to do things, you area now equipped with the information needed to get rid of the sealant once and for all.