How do I teleport to my house Ffxiv?

Last updated on May 9th, 2023 at 02:45 pm

Teleporting to your house in FFXIV is a simple process that can be achieved in just a few clicks. With the right knowledge, you can quickly and easily access your FFXIV house whenever you want to retreat and relax in the comfort of your own space. Here’s how to teleport to your house in FFXIV:

  • First, ensure that you have already purchased a house in FFXIV. You cannot teleport to a house that you do not currently own.
  • Open your map and search for the residential district where your house is located. Zoom in on the map until you can see the individual houses.
  • Click on your house on the map to bring up a pop-up window containing several options.
  • Select “Teleport” from the list of options. This will initiate the teleportation process to your house.
  • Wait for the teleportation to complete. You will be transported directly to your house.

    With these simple steps, you can teleport to your house in FFXIV with ease. Enjoy the comfort and relaxation of your personal space, and explore all that FFXIV has to offer!

  • Pro Tips:
    1. Set your aetheryte homepoint: Make sure to set your homepoint at your desired location in FFXIV. This will be the location you teleport to when using the “Teleport Home” option.

    2. Purchase Return and Teleportation spells: Check to see if you have the Return and Teleportation spells purchased. If not, find a vendor and acquire them.

    3. Use the Teleport button: When you’re ready to teleport to your home, click on the “Teleport” button located under “Journal” in the main menu. Then select your homepoint from the drop-down options.

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    4. Cost: Keep in mind that teleportation comes with a cost in gil. Be sure to have enough gil on hand to teleport before attempting to do so.

    5. Use Free Company Summon: If you’re in a Free Company, ask someone to summon you to your desired location. It’s a quick and easy way to get where you need to go without spending gil. Just make sure to thank your FC member!

    How to Teleport to Your House in FFXIV

    Understanding Teleportation in FFXIV

    Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that offers players the ability to teleport to various locations within the game world, including their house. But before we delve deep into how to teleport to your house, let us first understand the basic concept of teleportation in FFXIV.

    Teleportation in Final Fantasy XIV is done through Aetherytes, which are ancient structures found throughout the game world that allow players to instantly travel to specific locations. These Aetherytes can be activated by paying a small fee and can be used as multiple teleport destinations that can be accessed right away. Now that you have an understanding of how teleportation works in FFXIV, let’s move on to teleporting to your own house.

    Setting Your Home Point in FFXIV

    To teleport to your own house in FFXIV, you must first set it as your “home.” Setting your home point is a one-time process that you can do through the Aetheryte system. To set your home point, you must first purchase a residence. Once you’ve purchased your residence, simply head to the Aetheryte located in your housing district, open up the Aetheryte menu and select “Set as Home Point.”

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    Note: If you have yet to purchase a residence, you will not be able to set your home point.

    Accessing the Teleportation Menu

    Once you have set your home point, you can access the teleportation menu by interacting with any Aetheryte in the game. To do this, simply approach the Aetheryte and interact with it. This will bring up the teleportation menu, which will allow you to choose your destination.

    Finding Your House Teleport Location

    Finding your house teleport location is easy once you’ve set your home point. So, all you need to do is open up the teleportation menu by interacting with any Aetheryte in the game and look for the name of your housing district and ward. If you have multiple houses, simply select the correct house and teleport away.

    Tip: You can easily find your home teleport location by saving it as a favorite from within the teleportation menu.

    Using Teleportation Tickets to Reach Your House

    If you don’t have access to the Aetheryte network in FFXIV, you can still teleport to your house by purchasing a teleportation ticket from any Aetheryte in a main city. These tickets can be expensive, but they allow you to teleport to your house or any other location that you have previously visited.

    Important: Make sure to prepare enough Gil for these tickets since they can be quite costly, especially for low-level players.

    Troubleshooting Teleportation Issues in FFXIV

    Sometimes, players may encounter issues while trying to teleport in FFXIV, which can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are some basic troubleshooting steps you can take to solve these issues. If you’re experiencing any issues with teleporting, try out the following steps:

    • Check your internet connection and verify your ping rate.
    • Restart the game or try logging out and then logging back in.
    • Disconnect any devices that are sharing your internet connection.
    • Try using a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi.
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    With these basic steps, players can easily troubleshoot any teleportation issues they might be experiencing in FFXIV.


    In summary, teleporting to your house in FFXIV is easy, but it requires setting your home point and accessing the teleportation menu through any Aetheryte. If you don’t have access to the Aetheryte network, you can purchase teleportation tickets from any Aetheryte in the main city. Finally, troubleshoot any teleportation issues by checking your internet connection and restarting the game. Now that you’ve learned how to teleport to your house in FFXIV, you can travel with ease from any location to your home.