How Much Does A Kitchen Backsplash Cost?

How Much Does A Kitchen Backsplash Cost?

The average cost of installing a kitchen backsplash varies from $600 to $1,300. However, using the more costly materials such as marble further increases this cost, while materials such as tin will reduce the cost.

Including a backsplash in your kitchen offers an excellent finish and will significantly change the entire appearance of your kitchen. Keep in mind that the cost of a kitchen backsplash differs depending on several factors like the type of material used and design.

Cost of backsplash installation per square footage

Backsplash installation cost mainly varies depending on the material used and the required amount of backsplash. Installing backsplash costs an average of about $15 to $41 per square footage. Professional installation might cost you as much as $1,000.

Types of backsplash and their installation cost

 There are several types of backsplash materials and they all have different installation costs. Here is a look at some of them.

  • Tile

This is one of the most commonly used backsplash materials and its installation cost per square foot is about $25. The cost can, however, increase if the kitchen layout is complicated or you want the tiles to be arranged in an intricate pattern.

  • Tin

On top of being quite affordable, tin backsplash offers aesthetically attractive design options. It is also quite easy to clean and the material and installation cost range from $10 to $40 for each square foot.

  • Marble

It offers a classy, timeless kitchen. Be prepared to spend about $10 to $100 per square foot, together with an extra labor cost of $10 to $21 per square foot.

  • Stainless steel

It is easy to maintain and clean but very expensive. Its cost per square foot is approximately $20.

  • Glass

Glass tiles provide a lot of opportunity for customization and versatility in comparison to other backsplash materials. The average installation cost per square foot of glass backsplash is about $32.

  • Brick

Brick backsplash creates a warm feel and industrial touch to your kitchen. Including the installation, expect to spend about $10 to $40 per square footage.