Purdue Owl How To Reference A Movie Apa?

If you need to reference a movie in APA format, there are a few key details to keep in mind. The Purdue Owl website offers comprehensive guidelines for citing various sources in APA style, including movies.

Here are the steps to reference a movie in APA format, as outlined by Purdue Owl:

  • Start with the last name and first initial of the producer (s) or directors if they are listed, followed by their role in brackets, such as [Producer], [Director].
  • (Year of release). In parentheses, list the year in which the movie was released. If you are referencing multiple sources released in the same year, add a lowercase letter after the year to distinguish them, e.g. (2018a).
  • Title of the movie – italicized. Capitalize the first letter of the first word, the first word after a colon, and any proper nouns.
  • [Motion Picture]. In square brackets, specify that this is a motion picture reference.
  • Country of origin: Studio. At the end of the reference, list the country where the movie was produced, followed by a colon and the name of the studio that produced it.
  • Here’s what the final reference might look like, using the movie Black Panther as an example:

    Victoria Alonso, K. Feige, D. Finfer, S. Hildebrand, R. Robert [Producers], & R. Coogler [Director]. (2018). Black Panther [Motion Picture]. United States: Marvel Studios.

    By following these guidelines, you can create a clear and accurate reference for any movie you need to cite in your APA paper.

    Pro Tips:
    1. Start with the basics – Before diving into the specifics of APA referencing for movies, make sure you have a solid understanding of APA style guidelines and formatting.

    2. Gather all necessary information – To properly reference a movie in APA style, you’ll need to gather information such as the movie title, director, release date, studio, and any other relevant details.

    3. Follow the correct format – APA style has a specific format for referencing movies, which typically involves including the director’s name and the release date in parentheses after the movie title.

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    4. Use reliable sources – When referencing movies, make sure you’re using reliable sources such as scholarly databases or reputable film websites to ensure accuracy and credibility.

    5. Double-check for accuracy – Before submitting or publishing your work, double-check all of your references to ensure accuracy and make any necessary corrections.

    How to Reference a Movie in APA format: A Comprehensive Guide from Purdue Owl

    Citing movies in your research papers is an essential skill for any student or researcher. Movies, documentaries, and other video sources are becoming increasingly common sources of information for academic research and need to be accurately referenced in order to ensure they are properly credited and reliable. In this guide, we will explore how to reference a movie in APA format using the latest guidelines from Purdue Owl.

    Understanding APA Format for Movie References

    APA (American Psychological Association) referencing is a widely-used citation style in the social sciences, which includes psychology, sociology, criminology, and other subjects. It is commonly used in academic writing, including research papers, journal articles, and other publications. The goal of APA referencing is to provide academic readers with an accurate and consistent way to identify sources cited in a document. This helps readers to locate the sources and the information cited in the paper, and to evaluate the credibility and reliability of the sources used.

    Citing a movie in APA format involves referencing both the film itself and the specific scene or information used in your research. The APA format requires that you include the following information in your reference list and in-text citation:

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    – Title of the movie in italics
    – Year of release
    – Director(s)
    – Producer(s)
    – Production company
    – Country of origin
    – Format (e.g., DVD, Blu-ray, online streaming)

    Citing a Movie in Your Reference List

    To reference a movie in your reference list, you should follow these guidelines:

    – Start with the last name of the director followed by a comma and the initial(s) of their first names.
    – Add the producer’s last name, preceded by the word ‘Producer’ in round brackets.
    – Add the year of release, in parentheses.
    – Add the movie title in italics.
    – Specify the format in square brackets (e.g. [DVD]).
    – Add the name of the production company.
    – Finally, include the country of origin.

    Here is an example of a reference list entry for a movie:

    Scorsese, M. (Director), & DiCaprio, L. (Producer). (2013). The wolf of Wall Street [Movie]. Paramount Pictures, United States.

    Formatting In-Text Citations for Movies in APA

    When you reference a movie in your text, you should follow these guidelines:

    – Start with the director’s last name followed by a comma and the initial(s) of their first names.
    – Add the year of release, in parentheses.
    – Include the time of the scene in the movie (if you are citing a specific scene).

    For example:

    (Scorsese, 2013, 1:15:30-1:16:45)

    Note: If you reference a movie in your text more than once, you should use abbreviated in-text citations after the first full citation.

    Examples of APA Reference Format for Popular Movies

    Here are examples of how to reference some popular movies using APA format:

    – The Dark Knight. (2008). [Movie]. Warner Bros. Pictures, United States.
    – The Godfather. (1972). [Movie]. Paramount Pictures, United States.
    – Inception. (2010). [Movie]. Warner Bros. Pictures, United States.
    – Jurassic Park. (1993). [Film]. Universal Pictures, United States.
    – Titanic. (1997). [Movie]. Paramount Pictures, United States.

    Including Multiple Movies in Your APA Reference List

    If you are referencing more than one movie in your paper, you should list them in alphabetical order, starting with the first movie title. If you have movies by the same director or producer, group them together in the reference list.

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    For example:

    Scorsese, M. (Director). (1976). Taxi Driver [Movie]. Columbia Pictures, United States.

    Scorsese, M. (Director). (1980). Raging Bull [Movie]. United Artists, United States.

    Citing a Movie with Multiple Producers or Directors in APA

    If a movie has multiple directors or producers, you should list them in the same order as they are credited on the movie. Use the ampersand symbol (&) instead of ‘and’ before the last name of the last director or producer.

    For example:

    Foucan, S., Belle, S., & Barras, S. (Directors). (2009). Yamakasi [Movie]. EuropaCorp, France.

    Understanding the Importance of Proper Movie Referencing in APA

    Proper referencing is essential in academic writing to give credit where credit is due, to facilitate academic discourse, and to provide readers with accurate information about the sources used in a paper. Failure to accurately reference your sources can lead to accusations of plagiarism, which can have serious academic and professional consequences.

    Using Online Tools to Help with APA Movie Referencing

    There are many online tools available that can help you reference movies in APA format. Some of these tools include:

    – Citationsy: an online citation generator that supports APA referencing style.
    – EasyBib: provides an online citation builder for APA referencing and other citation styles.
    – Mendeley: a free reference manager that can help you organize your references and cite your sources in a variety of citation styles, including APA.

    Note: It is important to double-check the accuracy of all references generated by online tools to ensure that they meet the guidelines set out by Purdue Owl and the APA referencing style.

    In conclusion, this comprehensive guide has provided a step-by-step approach to referencing movies in APA format, including instructions on citing multiple movies, referencing movies with multiple producers or directors, and the importance of proper referencing. By following these guidelines and tips, you can ensure that your research papers and other academic publications are accurate, credible, and professional.