What is 24 7 continuous recording?

24 7 continuous recording, also known as Continuous Video Recording (CVR), is an advanced feature offered by Arlo Ultra, Pro 2, Q and Q Plus cameras, including Baby cameras. With CVR activated in your camera, you can record everything that happens in the background and capture every action at any time, without missing even a single minute. Here are some of the benefits of using 24 7 continuous recording:

  • Complete Security: With CVR, you can keep a watchful eye on your premises, even during those times when you are not present in the area. The 24 7 recording captures everything that happens on camera, providing you with complete security and safety.
  • Never miss a moment: Whether you are trying to keep an eye on your child’s activities or your pets, CVR enables you to capture every action and never miss a moment. You can go back to the footage and view any activity that occurred in your absence.
  • Better insights: With continuous recording, you can gain better insights into your home or workspace. You can monitor daily activities and identify patterns in people’s movements, allowing you to make smarter decisions and increase productivity.
  • Easy to use: CVR is easy to use and install. All you need to do is activate the feature on your Arlo Ultra, Pro 2, Q, or Q Plus cameras, and you’re good to go.

    If you are looking for an additional layer of security and want to keep a close eye on your surroundings, 24 7 continuous recording is the perfect solution. Whether you are using Arlo cameras at home or in a business setting, this feature provides an extra sense of security and peace of mind.

  • Pro Tips:
    1. Understand the Benefits: Continuous recording helps you monitor your premises around-the-clock, providing valuable evidence in the case of a security breach or accident that occurred outside regular business hours.

    2. Choose the Right System: Look for a continuous recording system that offers high-quality footage, user-friendly viewing software, and remote access options.

    3. Consider Storage Needs: With continuous recording, you’ll need ample storage space for all the footage. Choose a system that offers scalable storage options as per your needs.

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    4. Take Data Privacy Seriously: Make sure your continuous recording system and its data storage are GDPR-compliant, and take steps to prevent data breaches or unauthorized access.

    5. Train Your Staff: Ensure that all your employees are trained on proper use of the continuous recording system and understanding the importance of privacy policy. It can help avoid any sensitive footage being accessed inappropriately.

    Understanding Continuous Video Recording (CVR)

    Continuous Video Recording (CVR) is a feature that allows you to keep a continuous record of all activities that happen within the range of your camera. It is a great addition that brings a new level of convenience and security, especially if you are looking to keep an eye on your home or workplace. With a CVR enabled camera, you can rest assured that you won’t miss a single detail of what’s happening in your space.

    Unlike traditional camera systems that only start recording when they detect motion or when you hit the record button, a CVR enabled camera is always on, recording everything that happens in the background until you stop it. It saves all of the footage, which can then be accessed and reviewed later on via your Arlo app. With CVR, you have an endless roll of video to watch, giving you access to all the details and making sure that you never miss a beat.

    How CVR Works with Arlo Cameras

    CVR works seamlessly with Arlo cameras and has become a favorite feature for many users who are looking to add an extra layer of protection to their properties. The system utilizes various sensors and algorithms that allow your camera to record and save video in the background, so you never miss a moment.

    When enabled, CVR records every motion, event or sound within its range. It works in conjunction with the camera’s motion detection and cover expanses of up to 60 feet. The footage recorded is stored in the cloud and can be accessed anytime from the Arlo app.

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    Benefits of Having 24/7 Continuous Recording

    Having a 24/7 continuous recording system has numerous benefits, some of which we have outlined below:

    Complete coverage: With CVR, you get complete coverage of your space. It records everything that happens, making sure you have a comprehensive roll of footage that will capture every detail. You can then play back the video at leisure to keep tabs on everything happening in your space.

    Peace of mind: When it comes to keeping your home or workplace secure, peace of mind is crucial. With CVR, you can relax knowing you have an extra set of “eyes” watching everything and keeping an accurate record of all activities happening in your space.

    Increased safety: A CVR system allows you to stay aware of any potential safety breaches and mitigate the risk of against theft, loss prevention, and other dangers to property or family members.

    Setting Up CVR on Arlo Cameras

    Setting up the CVR feature on Arlo cameras is simple, and you can do it in a few easy steps:

    Step 1: Open the Arlo app and select the camera you wish to use.
    Step 2: Tap on the gear icon next to the camera name to open up settings options.
    Step 3: Scroll down and click on the CVR toggle to enable the feature.
    Step 4: If it’s not already paid for, subscribe to their paid subscription plan to activate 24/7 recording.

    Once you have completed these steps, your camera will begin recording continuously until you stop it.

    Accessing CVR Footage on Arlo App

    The Arlo app provides users with easy access to their CVR footage. To view the recordings, you need to follow these simple steps:

    Step 1: Open the Arlo app and select the camera with the CVR feature enabled.
    Step 2: Tap on the “Library” icon located on the bottom of your screen.
    Step 3: Select the date and time range for the access.
    Step 4: Browse through the recordings to view footage that was saved.

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    CVR Compatibility with Arlo Ultra, Pro 2, Q, Q Plus and Baby Cameras

    CVR is compatible with Arlo Ultra, Pro 2, Q, Q Plus and baby cameras. The feature is, however, only available to subscribers of the paid subscription plan, which provides 30 days of video storage, CVR recording, and up to 4K recording.

    The good news is that the feature enables you to enjoy all the benefits of continuous recording, regardless of the type of camera you have. It provides unparalleled coverage, ensuring you never miss anything that’s happening in your space.

    Frequently Asked Questions about CVR

    Q1: Does enabling CVR have any impact on the battery life of my camera?
    Enabling CVR might affect the battery life of your camera. It is recommended that you use an AC adapter if you want to record continuously for an extended time.

    Q2: How long is the CVR footage recorded and saved?
    The length of the footage recorded and saved is determined by your subscription plan. Arlo offers 7 and 30-day subscription plans that come with different features, including different video storage times.

    Q3: Can I get alerts for CVR recordings?
    Yes, you can receive alerts on your device when CVR records something important. The feature works in the same way as motion detection recording alerts.

    Q4: What happens if my internet connection fails?
    If your internet connection fails, the footage that’s recorded during the outage period will be lost. It is therefore recommended that you set up a backup power system or an internet failover system to avoid missing important events.

    In conclusion, Continuous Video Recording (CVR) is a significant addition to Arlo cameras, making it easier for users to monitor their homes and workplaces. With its seamless operation, complete coverage, and ease of access, you don’t have to worry about missing anything important. Enabling CVR is easy, and you can set it up within a few steps. However, it is essential to have a subscription plan to activate the feature.