Where Is Cat And Jack Clothing Made? Discover the Origins and Manufacturing Process Behind these Popular Kids’ Apparel


Get ready to embark on a global fashion adventure as we unravel the mystery behind the popular Cat & Jack clothing line at Target.

From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the serene fields of organic cotton farms, join us as we unveil the fascinating journey of where these trendy, durable, and inclusive garments are made.

Discover the secret behind their innovative materials and how they are making fashion accessible for children of all abilities.

Let’s dive into the world of Cat & Jack and uncover the surprises that lie beneath the seams.

Where Is Cat And Jack Clothing Made?

Cat & Jack clothing is made in various locations, including countries such as China, Vietnam, and India.

The collection includes a range of sizes for kids and babies, with some items made from organic cotton and recycled polyester.

The clothing line has been successful, reaching $2 billion in sales just two years after its launch.

Target offers the collection online and in stores.

Key Points:

  • Cat & Jack clothing is produced in different countries, including China, Vietnam, and India.
  • The collection offers sizes for kids and babies, and some products are made from organic cotton and recycled polyester.
  • Cat & Jack has achieved remarkable success, generating $2 billion in sales within two years of its launch.
  • Target sells the Cat & Jack collection both online and in physical stores.


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💡 Did You Know?

1. Cat & Jack is a children’s clothing brand that is exclusively sold at Target stores.
2. The Cat & Jack clothing line is known for its focus on durability and sustainability, as many of their garments are made from recycled materials.
3. The Cat & Jack brand was introduced in 2016 and has quickly become one of Target’s most popular clothing lines.
4. Despite being an American brand, Cat & Jack clothing is manufactured in multiple countries around the world, including China, India, Vietnam, and Cambodia.
5. Cat & Jack offers a unique feature called “adaptive clothing,” which is designed to assist children with disabilities in dressing themselves more easily.

1. Size Range And Organic Options

When it comes to kids’ apparel, finding the right size and ensuring that the fabric is safe for their delicate skin is of utmost importance. With the Cat & Jack clothing line from Target, parents can rest assured that their children will be comfortable and stylish. The collection includes sizes 4-18 and 2T-5T for kids, and sizes 0-24M for babies, catering to a wide range of ages and body sizes.

Notably, some clothes in the Cat & Jack collection are made with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified organic cotton. This certification ensures that the cotton used in the garments is produced through environmentally and socially responsible methods. Additionally, these clothes are made with safe dyes that don’t pose any harm to the wearer’s skin. By offering organic options, Cat & Jack promotes sustainable and ethical fashion choices for parents and children alike.

  • The collection includes sizes 4-18 and 2T-5T for kids, and sizes 0-24M for babies.
  • Some clothes in the Cat & Jack collection are made with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified organic cotton.
  • GOTS certification ensures environmentally and socially responsible cotton production.
  • The clothes are made with safe dyes that do not harm the wearer’s skin.
  • Cat & Jack promotes sustainable and ethical fashion choices.

2. Durable Fabric Choices

Kids are known for their active lifestyles and the wear and tear they put on their clothes. With this in mind, Cat & Jack clothing incorporates durable fabric choices to withstand the challenges of daily play and adventure. Uniform pants and leggings, for example, are made with Tough Cotton, a unique fabric that becomes stronger with each wash. This design feature ensures that kids can freely engage in physical activities without worrying about damaging their clothes.

The emphasis on durability in Cat & Jack clothing demonstrates the brand’s commitment to providing high-quality products that can withstand the test of time. Parents can feel confident in their investment, knowing that these garments will last long enough to be passed down to younger siblings or friends.

3. Sustainable Materials: Recycled Polyester

In an effort to contribute to a more sustainable future, Cat & Jack incorporates recycled materials in their clothing line. The brand utilizes a fabric called Repreve, which is made from recycled polyester. By using Repreve, Cat & Jack helps reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and contributes to the demand for virgin polyester production.

By using recycled polyester, Cat & Jack shows their commitment to environmental responsibility and encourages their customers to make conscious choices when it comes to fashion. This sustainable material not only provides a durable and high-quality fabric but also helps protect the planet for future generations.

4. Real Kids Involved In Launch

Cat & Jack is not just another clothing line for kids – it is a brand that intimately understands the wants and needs of its target audience. To ensure the collection resonates with children, Cat & Jack involves real kids in the launch process. These children, who possess a genuine connection to the brand and its values, not only appear in the look book and signage in stores but also provide valuable feedback during product development.

By involving real kids, Cat & Jack creates a sense of authenticity and relatability in their clothing line. This approach allows the brand to understand and cater to the diverse needs and preferences of children, resulting in a collection that kids truly love and parents trust.

5. Pricing And Sales Success

Cat & Jack has quickly become a powerhouse in the kids’ apparel industry. The collection is not only stylish and functional but also affordable. Prices for Cat & Jack clothing range from $4.50 to $39.99, with the majority of items priced under $19.99. This price accessibility allows families to dress their children in trendy and high-quality clothing without breaking the bank.

The success of Cat & Jack is evident in its sales figures. Just two years after its launch, the brand reached an impressive $2 billion in sales. This achievement speaks to the brand’s popularity and parents’ trust in the quality and value that Cat & Jack offers.

Cat & Jack clothing is a testament to Target’s dedication to providing fashionable, durable, and sustainable kids’ apparel. With a wide size range, organic options, durable fabric choices, sustainable materials, real kids’ involvement in the launch, and affordable prices, Cat & Jack has quickly become a favorite among parents and children alike. Whether it’s casual playtime or special occasions, Cat & Jack clothing ensures that kids look and feel their best while promoting ethical and sustainable fashion choices.


Is Cat and Jack ethically made?

Yes, Cat and Jack is considered to be an ethically made clothing brand. Their uniform pants and leggings are made with Tough Cotton that becomes stronger through washing, showcasing durability and minimizing waste. Moreover, they use a recycled polyester called Repreve for their pocket bags, girls’ denim, and swimwear, contributing to environmental sustainability by repurposing materials. Cat and Jack’s commitment to creating long-lasting and eco-friendly garments demonstrates their ethical approach to production.

Who owns the brand Cat and Jack?

Target Corporation owns the brand Cat & Jack. As a well-established retailer, Target designed and launched Cat & Jack as an exclusive clothing line for children and babies. By thoroughly understanding the needs and preferences of their target market, Target was able to create a brand that offers stylish and affordable clothing options for young ones. Through their ownership of Cat & Jack, Target aims to provide parents with reliable and fashionable clothing choices that cater to the needs of growing children.

What company makes Cat and Jack?

Cat & Jack is proudly created by Target Corporation. As Target’s flagship clothing brand for kids, Cat & Jack has garnered immense popularity and success. Known for its stylish, affordable, and high-quality apparel, Cat & Jack has become a go-to choice for parents looking to dress their children in trendy and practical clothing. Target continues to thrive as the company behind this highly sought-after brand.

Is Cat and Jack good quality?

Yes, Cat and Jack offers good quality clothing at affordable prices, making it a popular choice among parents. The brand understands the importance of durability and incorporates it into their products, ensuring that the clothes can withstand kids’ active lifestyles. Moreover, Cat and Jack’s designs are highly appealing to children, making them eager to wear the clothing and further attesting to its quality and desirability.