Who said your starter for 10?

The question of “Who said your starter for 10?” brings to mind a certain freshman at university in the year of 1985. Brian Jackson, the protagonist of David Nicholls’ novel “Starter for Ten,” is the one who uttered those words frequently. Being an avid fan of the TV quiz show University Challenge from his childhood, Brian’s dream was to one day participate in the show as a contestant. His obsession with the show and his extensive knowledge made him an information snooper who constantly sought new knowledge.

Here are some interesting bullet points related to Brian Jackson and his love for University Challenge:

  • Brian Jackson’s ultimate dream was to participate in University Challenge as a contestant.
  • He was so obsessed with the show that he watched old recordings and took notes endlessly.
  • Brian’s knowledge of trivia made him an information snooper, constantly seeking new knowledge to impress others who shared his passion for the show.
  • “Your starter for 10” was a catchy slogan from the show that Brian frequently used in conversations with others.
  • Ultimately, Brian’s journey towards his dream of participating in University Challenge was a rollercoaster ride full of ups and downs, making for an entertaining and relatable read in Nicholls’ novel.
  • In conclusion, David Nicholls’ novel “Starter for Ten” and its protagonist Brian Jackson provide an interesting perspective on the world of TV quiz shows and fandoms. Brian’s love and obsession with University Challenge may be extreme, but it is relatable to anyone who has ever been a passionate fan of something.

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    Who Said Your Starter for 10?

    Freshman at University

    In the year 1985, Brian Jackson becomes a freshman at the university. He is excited about starting his academic journey, with new friends and new experiences awaiting him. He is a curious person who is always eager to learn and explore. His academic journey is not just about studying, but also about the new doors that open for him.

    Quiz Show Obsession

    Ever since Brian’s childhood, he has had a love for quiz shows. This passion for quiz shows only grows as he gets older, and he becomes an ardent fan of TV University Challenge. The show’s format, which is a quiz competition between two universities, captivates him, and he loves to watch the challenging questions and smart answers.

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    University Challenge

    University Challenge is a British quiz show that has been running since 1962. It features teams from various universities competing against each other in a series of questions on various topics, including history, science, literature, and culture. The show aims to test the knowledge and intelligence of its participants in a fun and educational manner.

    Famous Catchy Slogan

    What makes University Challenge unique is its famous catchy slogan, “Your starter for 10…”. This phrase is used by the quizmaster to indicate the start of a new question. It has become synonymous with the show, and Brian loves to repeat it every time he watches the show.

    Information Snooper

    Brian has always been an information snooper, and his passion for the show leads him to learn more about it. He researches the topic, reads about previous winners, and even watches and re-watches old episodes of the show. He is eager to know everything about the show, its history, and its participants.

    Childhood Memories

    Growing up in Southend-on-Sea, Brian has many fond memories of his childhood. He remembers watching quiz shows with his father, who was also an enthusiast of the genre. Brian’s father encouraged him to learn more and expand his knowledge through these shows, which led to his current passion.


    Southend-on-Sea is a vibrant coastal town in Essex, England. It is known for its pier, arcades, and beaches, making it a popular destination for tourists. Brian fondly recalls spending summers on the beaches of Southend-on-Sea with his friends and family. He believes that his childhood memories of the town cemented his love for knowledge and sparked his passion for quiz shows.

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    In conclusion, the famous phrase “Your starter for 10…” has become synonymous with University Challenge, inspiring students and enthusiasts all over the world. Brian’s obsession with the show and his childhood memories shaped his love for knowledge and quizzing, creating a passion that lasted a lifetime. University Challenge encourages learning for the sake of learning, which is a valuable message to share in any era, making it a timeless classic.